The end of Mikeafc

Well Hello there!

Well as said in past posts, I am leaving. The funny thing is, I had already written a goodbye post because last month I was banned out of Planet Cazmo by Bigdawg for no reason. But Ghoni kindly helped me back in. That’s how I stayed. So I’m not going to use that post. I’m going to make a new one. And here i go:

I knew the day I started(1st February 2007), this game would get big at some stage. Planet Cazmo has been an exciting part of Virtual Worlds for me in the past. The best days was when everything happened for the first time. For example: The beach coming out and Carrotz said he could see it and we all never believed him, Dilaras angry mind, Cazmo Cash came out and most active players got 80cc for free, the first concert, the first halloween party. But then after all them what has happened? To be honest absolutely nothing. Nothing much has happened, things have been repeated and trouble has been caused.

Halloween party has not changed for 3 years, ambassadors just grew and grew. But to be honest ambassadors growing is good for Planet Cazmo, however when you put new in, you need to get rid of the old. Half of Planet Cazmo ambassadors do not play the game anymore. And I promise you, I will not be removed for at least 2 months as they do not check sites. However do keep people you need to keep them excited. It’s only recently they have added, Ambassador Gifts, and only yesterday they added Ambassador Kicks! So things have started getting better.

So why am I writing this you may wonder? I want you guys to know the past of Planet Cazmo. If it still stands in 5 years time I want people to look back at this site and read this post. I want people to see Planet Cazmo for what it was and what it is now.

But I want to finalise this post by saying this:

I want to thank every single person who I have had the chance to play with and talk to on Planet Cazmo. For everyone who has been there for me. In 2008 I came to the point of quitting and only one person tried to stop me, that was Redguin12. A fantastic person!

I would like to thank Gamerz, without him, this site would not be standing anymore. He influenced me to blog for cazmo. He also managed to help me create everything here. So thank you Gamerz

I would like to thank Berrybearoxox and Sacred for being brilliant friends to me. Even though they will not be reading this, I think they deserve a mention.

I would like to thank Beta Omer, because without him well I would be nothing. It’s my friendship with him that helped me a lot. Because of him I have been able to talk to people like Blowsight10, Altobhai and others. And well I’ll never forget Beta Omer. I remember when he first started. He is a part of Bigdawg’s turn. And that was a wrong move by Dawg to get rid of him. So when BetaOmer left, a big chunk of cazmo tore forever. Never to be replaced

I would like to thank Aejesz, who I speak to most weeks, as he has been the best friend ever too. He also joined in trying to beat Beta Omer at pcmv’s when Beta Omer was too good 😀  We both failed but it was nice trying 🙂

What would I be if I didn’t mention Kokeeto and Romani? The best partnership cazmo has ever seen! Who would think these people would bring style and creativity to Planet Cazmo? But they did. They cheered me up, made me laugh and where always there to help and still are on msn! So without them two guys Planet Cazmo would be nothing! Even if Bigdawg did turn against them…

Now I have to mention the fantastical Agent, his brain is just full of knowledge. He is the most clever Cazmo I have ever met. And being truly honest, he will go down in my Cazmo hall of fame. Agent has helped Planet Cazmo more than you could imagine. He has also helped plenty of people. He may have difficulties with some people(Cough Tape Cough) but I would like the people to know that inside, Agent is the kindest person, and really I think he likes you 🙂 < He won’t like me saying that haha

Now on to the favourite of Dawg: GooperGoop, I remember always making jokes with him about him being Bigdawgs and Chiefs favourite. He always denied it aswell. He is another one of the incredibly talented Cazmos. Now he doesn’t know I know this, but he’s moved on to do plenty of other things with different names. So I want to wish him the best of luck. As he will go far in life.

The next person is the ever so funny, Black Wolf, he always used to make me laugh while I read his posts. He always had the right choice of words too. He is a great guy and well I’m sad he left Cazmo.

Which sea animal would every cazmo want to be? Crab! Even though he betrayed the Blue Kind and turned to Red, I still like him. He has always been there, a great friend to me, and I hope he takes good care of my blog. As I wouldn’t of picked anyone else to do a great job!

I can’t believe I had forgotten Themick777, Flare and Rosr! Without these guys, I wouldn’t have even existed! These guys made me laugh, made me cry and even became like a family to me. We shared great times.

Next on to my favourite two girls:

Monicaoxox- You have always been there for me. On msn you provide a helping hand all the time. And I hope I do the same for you. You always tell me about your boyfriend etc. And I love listening. So lets hope the best for the future.

Paris- Even though you had to move away, I sometimes speak to you. Your french used to make me so happy. And I couldn’t believe how happy you was all the time. You cheered up my day.

In these recent times I have made new friends, such as…

Tape- Our chats on msn have been quite hilarious, your arguments with Agent are just too funny. And I still remember you, when you were a little cazmo. You have done well, and thanks 🙂

SpaceGhost- My little twitter friend. I cannot count how many direct messages you do. Your interview with Bigdawg has become famous too! Too bad Dawg was scared to do an interview with me 😉 But I have loved our conversations and hope to speak to you soon

Ghoni- Everyone thinks he is Bigdawgs favourite but he doesn’t see himself as that. He just wants to have a good bunch of friends, and have a good time. So my last wish would be for everyone to become his friend, and have a laugh with him. Because at these current times of Planet Cazmo, you need a friend. You need someone to trust, someone to give you hope, someone to be there for you. So I wish Ghoni the best of luck for the future.

Collinzfresh- What would we do without your intelligence? You are famous for posting huge comments on the P.C.A.P C.D.C and well you are going to do well if you go into Politics. It was my chat with you which got me banned too. But I found it rather funny to be honest. So good luck with anything you do Collin.

Also you may have heard of the curse of Mikeafc. The curse is, if you ever get close to me, for example be my best friend, you will end up leaving Planet Cazmo. These are the people who have fell for the curse: Vendetta, Gamerz, Berry, Sacred, Betaomer, Kokeeto and Romani & Aejesz. The curse will no longer go on!

I’m sorry if I haven’t mentioned anyone. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like you, because I may have just forgot.

So cazmos, this is where I come to an end. This is where this blog gets handed over to Crab. The winner of Planet Cazmo Big Brother.

So good luck with everything and remember, never give up in life. Because one day, you will reach your goal!

Goodbye Cazmos


P.s Crab, the keys are in the plant pot outside, just search in there. Don’t forget to water the plants, and feed the cats

P.S.S Eat plenty of oranges!

Crab is now in charge here!

Hey guys 😀

Mikeafc has now handed Crab the keys for this site! He is in charge! Good luck Crab. Please leave anything that was on here on here. But feel free to add anything!

The old manager: Mikeafc

Far East Movement Concert!!!

Hey Guys,

Cazmo Updated Today with a Concert of…. FAR EAST MOVEMENT!

The Show was 17 minutes! Pretty long for a cazmo concert! xD

Then they changed into these weird costumes. And the DJ was a monkey xP

It was a awesome Show!! The Ticket:

Have a nice weekend!



Happy 3rd Birthday Cazmo!

Long Planet Cazmo wishes Cazmo a happy 3rd Birthda for making a great game the past year!


Vote tape XD

Hey guys tape here and today I saw something interesting on cazmo. A halloween contest!! Its the voting thing again where you go to peoples house and vote on what you think of them. Cazmo keeps a list in the paper of whos winning in votes and whoever wins gets a prize! But, i am willing to make it so if a “certain” cazmo wins somebody else will get a prize ;). So if you guys vote tapes house, outside and inside, 5 stars and I end up winning this contest I will give 100 CAZMO CASH away on this site! So go to tapes house and vote five stars for interior and exterior and you will have a chance to win 110 CAZMO CASH!!! Get voting now!!!



Hey guys ! Here is the new site !

Hope you like it ! !

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David Archuleta Concert

David Archuleta Concert is this weekend and plays every hour.



Message !

Hey guys Brandony Here I’m coming back to Cazmo & I’m making a new site with rule and Bluesweden,. For that I Will shut down my blog and make a new wp account the blog is gonna rock so when i have the info for the blog i will tell you 😉 ‘


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